Every brick has a story.

Welcome to the Marysville Tour of Homes and Buildings presented by Team Marysville in partnership with the Union County Historical Society. The City of Marysville celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2019. As part of the celebration, Team Marysville has created a driving tour of interesting homes and buildings in Marysville that serves as a sample of some of our town’s history, heritage, and architecture.

Marysville has many older structures. Residents and guests to the city pass these buildings often, but rarely are they aware of the rich history and unique story connected with each of them. The purpose of the tour is to provide a look at some of those stories, with the goal that it might help encourage an appreciation for the older structures and to help understand the importance of preserving these local landmarks. 

We hope you enjoy your tour of our hometown! 


To view the buildings and information, please download the 2019 Marysville Tour of Homes and Buildings.