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Avalon Theatre Pledges to Rebuild Following Collapse

The following is a letter provided by Sarah Barr, Executive Director of the Avalon Theatre:

Resilience shines through. 

Making its debut on a hot August night in 1936 featuring "Let's Sing Again" starring Bobbie Breen, the Avalon Theatre has been a fixture for the arts in Union County for decades. As we continue to work to pick the perfect slate of first shows, we know the Grand Opening of the Avalon will be another historical event for Union County. 

The night of the wall collapse I spent some time standing in the alleyway talking to the crowd of people who gathered. People were in awe of what they were seeing, many taking pictures, sharing memories they hold dear about the experiences they had with-in these four walls. It was evident that the theatre holds a special meaning, and the community wants those experiences for future generations. 

The Board of Directors recently made a proclamation at its June 9th meeting making it official that the theatre will stand once again. We knew as we were standing amongst the rubble and the chaos of clean up that Union County has never let tragedy keep us down, we've always been there for each other to overcome and see the silver lining- resiliency that shines through. 

The creative sector in Ohio accounts for $41 billion in economic impact every year. Anyone who has experienced any arts event understands the economic impact that a theatre like the Avalon will have, but its importance is much more than dollars. Children who are exposed to the arts tend to have advanced social skills and excel in school. Research supports that a student with four years of arts education scores almost 100 points higher on the SAT than their counterparts. This same research shows that 71% of business leaders consider creativity as an essential trait for new hires.

The rebuild of the Avalon provides us an opportunity, that opportunity is to set the Avalon up for future success. Our quaint 1936 stage house was never meant to host Broadway shows so we are taking great care in rebuilding as historically accurate as possible. 

We will need the community as we go through this process, but having grown up in Marysville/Union County and knowing the integrity and character of this town and its people I know the Avalon will stand strong and once again be a focal point for the Arts in our beloved Uptown.

Thank you for your continued support!

Sarah C. Barr

Executive Director

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